[Mechanism] Promotion test, I fell again. (6th time) How can I keep my motivation because my salary has stopped rising?

I had a promotion test the other day, but I failed again.

Since the same period was about 10 years ago, and since then, there is a gap, and the difference is widening.

As expected, since I am a regular employee at this age, my salary has almost stopped increasing.

People who are the same or older than me and who are full-time employees seem to be less motivated.

I try to find a fun part of my work and motivate me to have a high performance record.

It’s a bit daunting to see an employee who says that his work performance is clearly lower than me, passing the written test and getting ahead of me.

I”I’m wondering if someone with a high work record can be promoted regardless of the written exam?”

Mentor “High work performance = not because I have the ability as a boss.”

I”I’m sure that’s right.”

Mentor “However, it does not mean that the test results are good = that you have the ability as a boss.”

I”What is the written test for?”

Mentor “Ho Ho Ho Ho”

How to stay motivated at work

Now, as you get older, it becomes harder to stay motivated at work. I get used to work in a bad way.

So how can you keep your work motivated?

Job control by success

I think the first thing you can think of is your success. By moving from a regular employee to a section manager, and from a section manager to a section manager, the discretion of work increases. You will be able to proceed with your own way of thinking.

For those who want to control their own work, getting ahead is a great motivation.

・I’m not satisfied with the way my boss works.

・I can do my job better than my boss.

・I want to create my own job, not passively.

Those who think so should be promoted.

In addition, the appearance of your career will also have a significant impact. Even if you are in your forties, there are many people whose self-esteem differs greatly between being a regular employee and being a section manager in his forties.

“That person is still a regular employee.”

It would be nice if someone who is okay (I am okay) even if it is said in the shadow, but it seems natural to compare with the staff around me, such as my own synchronization.

I”Is it good to be promoted in good looks?”

Mentor “It doesn’t matter what you look like or what your motive is. It’s OK. Some people will do their best to look good.”

I “If you can’t work because of your motivation for appearance?”

Mentor “You can demote”

I”I’m demoted?”

Mentor “You may be promoted based on any motivation. However, it is absolutely necessary to carry out work that corresponds to the position where you were promoted.”

I “I see” 

Increased flexibility by increasing salary

Next up is a big motivation. Increasing your salary will allow you to buy a house or car, or send your child to a private middle school.

Even if you do not go there, the benefits of increasing your salary are great, such as moving to a station near the station where rent is 20,000 yen higher than before, and being able to buy foodstuffs at supermarkets without worrying about the price.

It’s an extreme story, but if the monthly salary increases by 10,000 yen,

“I want to eat sashimi of tuna. It’s impossible because Nakatoro is expensive.”

“I want to eat sashimi of tuna. Let’s make a medium sized toro.”

Should change to I think there is a big stress that you can’t eat what you like.

I am quite free to work, but I am concerned that my salary is low.

There will be some people who are regular employees and their salaries continue to rise. If you have special skills, it may be better for the company to work at the front line of the field than to work as a manager.

Koichi Tanaka, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002, also became a topic of discussion as an ordinary employee at Shimadzu Corporation.

However, the reality is that employees who do not have such outstanding abilities are unable to raise their salaries unless they are promoted.

In particular, if you are a regular employee, you may not be able to raise your salary in most of your 40s.

Motivation of employees who cannot succeed


But what other ways can an employee like me not get motivated to stay motivated?

As I’ve done so far, I can’t control my work as a boss and my salary does not go up.

As soon as I started thinking, “I can’t continue to be promoted in the future anymore” I wonder if there are many employees who start doing their jobs appropriately.

That’s right. Even if you try hard, you won’t feel motivated unless you are evaluated.

If the work is not evaluated, the work is done properly and may return quickly at the scheduled time. On the contrary, you may intentionally delay your work and work overtime, thinking that you will increase your salary. It’s a loss to the company.

I “Why don’t we all get ahead of us at this time?”

Mentor “If you don’t have the ability?”

I “However, if the insufficient employee is placed in a less important position”

Mentor “Sure, don’t be motivated.”

I “Is the company willing to pay such employees as well?”

Mentor “Isn’t it all right to be a little? I’m happy if my salary goes up.”

It is also motivating that the boss praises the work of his subordinates, but it is also transient and will not last long.

If this is a company or industry where it is natural to change jobs, you will soon change jobs if you determine that you cannot expect a career in this company. The more talented employees should be, the more likely they are to move to another company that will evaluate their abilities.

However, changing jobs is still not common in Japan. Since I often work for one company for a long time, if I cannot succeed and cannot change jobs, I will stay at that company as a full-time employee.

Recently, it has been said that the Japanese lifetime employment system is over, but even if it ends, it is difficult to change jobs, and the situation of staying at the company is still continuing.

Enjoy your company life

If you cannot succeed, you can’t raise your salary, and you can’t change your job, you have to create the reason why you want to go to the company and why you can enjoy going to the company.

I was laughing if my friend had a serious look and said the same words ten years ago, saying, “Why going to work is fun.” But not now.

This idea should be the correct answer. No, that’s it. I can’t find any other way to motivate me.

If the company cannot give employees who are unable to succeed in the world a place to motivate them, they have no choice but to create it.

・Create and enjoy a club where people with similar interests gather within the company. For example, Imperial Palace Run Club, Fortnite  Club, and 4th Friday Sweets Club. Hobby connections are stronger than workplace connections.

・Make stationery at work with your own favorite. Prepare three jet stream colors and multiple mechanical pens, or try out a stapler (very convenient) that does not open holes that others do not have. I can have more attachment than stationery that is uniformly supplied by the company. I feel good.

・Fill in the work that you have done in your notebook and look at it every day after work to be satisfied. If you fill in the vertical notebook in detail including some work, there will be almost no gap at the end of the day. Also, by reviewing the notebook, work can be carried out more efficiently, and an objective bird’s-eye view will be possible.

I gave some examples as I came up with them, but I think any one will do. Make an exciting reason to be a little more fun at your company.

About keeping my motivation

By the way, as a 40s ordinary employee, I chat with various employees in various workplaces. This is my motivation boost. Even if it is a chat, it is not Savory.

When I have a little need, I go to the meeting instead of the phone, and then I talk about the work that the employee is doing. By repeating this, you will eventually be able to make proposals that cross the organization.

Unless you’re too busy, no one feels uncomfortable being told to tell me. I would be happy to teach you a lot. I will teach you what you have not even asked.

In addition, chatting can increase the friendliness of the employee and help them in times of emergency. This is important. If you cooperate in fields that you do not have knowledge of, your completeness and speed of work will increase dramatically.

Another motivation, which I wrote in a previous article, is creating a manual for the workplace. When I find a job that is inefficient and wastes my time, I get excited, saying, “Oh, I’ll make it more efficient!”

It takes time to make a manual, but once it is completed, you can reduce the time and efficiency more than the time spent for making it. It’s also a great learning experience for me.

Probably, I am proud that there are no employees who created manuals in-house and drastically reduced their work hours. Especially for the reduction of overtime hours, the figures compared to the previous year are clearly shown. It’s fun.

It was my secret method of self-satisfaction and motivation.