For holiday plans, let’s put it first.If you care about your work, you can’t get it forever.

How many holidays do you take?

Some people will have 0 days a year, others will get it for 20 days.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has set a target acquisition rate of 70% in 2020. If granted 20 days, it will be 14 days. You will get one or more days a month.

It’s an embarrassing story, I don’t know how much the acquisition rate is in my company, but it seems that Denso, Sony, Tora, etc. have acquired it for more than 16 days a year.

(Hereafter, Toyo Keizai’s top 200 companies that are paid and have high annual income)

It is difficult for Japanese people to take holidays because they worry about the surrounding eyes

Although paid leave is a system stipulated by Article 39 of the Labor Standards Act, many people find it difficult to take work because they are busy with work. Some people may be concerned about the surrounding eyes.

It was about 10 years ago. An acquaintance of foreigners said, “It would be a loss if you didn’t take all the holidays.” I remember answering “I feel guilty” and answering “?” as a matter of course.

Japanese people are one of the countries that feel particularly guilty. I did not know. (Hereinafter, an international comparative survey of paid vacation by Expedia)

Make sure you plan your holidays before work

I still think that the in-house acquisition rate is high.

I always emphasize my family priority (it may be strange that I have to appeal), and I am conscious of taking paid leave on the 1st of every month.

If you are concerned about the amount of work remaining, you cannot take paid leave at any time. I cannot go on a two-night trip on a vacant weekday.

Therefore, rather than prioritizing work, we first decide on a day for taking a leave. If you plan more than a month ahead, you probably haven’t filled your detailed work schedule.

From that point on, we will consider the pace distribution of the work while paying attention to the days when the holidays are taken. Thinking from an early stage has the following advantages.

Another advantage of taking paid leave

Since the previous schedule has been decided,

(1) Be naturally aware of work efficiency.

(2) By focusing on and off, the ability to concentrate on work is enhanced.

Whether it’s work or anything, mysteriously, once a future plan is decided to be “basic!”, we will try to keep pace with it.

For example, if a qualifying exam schedule that is important to me suddenly decides three weeks later, I’ll manage my schedule and work hard accordingly.

Conversely, if the test schedule is unclear, I think that you will slowly study.

It was a way to schedule myself well by intentionally putting in the schedule ahead.


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