Regular interviews with your boss are opportunities for growth. Let’s utilize

Do you remember the interview at the entrance examination?

I think that many of us have experienced dislike of interviews because we could not get a job offer even after receiving dozens of companies during the recession times.

I was one of them, and the days without a job offer continued. Every day I thought about how to tell my interviewer about my slight abilities.

Eventually, I wrote down what I couldn’t say well in the interview on paper, and regretted every time how I should have communicated.

By repeating this, the content I spoke was greatly improved within a month.

Interview with the boss are important

Although I did so much for interviews, when I entered the company, I changed my mind and did not focus on regular interviews with my boss.

I was thinking, “I think this kind of interview doesn’t mean anything.” I was spending my time properly.

But that wasn’t the case.

When I think about it now, I regret that I missed many valuable opportunities. That may be the reason why promotion is not possible.

Therefore, this time, I will tell you how to effectively use the interview with your boss and lead to your own growth.

Be prepared and talk with your boss

I used to say, “I have nothing to say,” and interviews were always completed within 3 minutes.

I remember that one time it took 30 seconds. My boss doesn’t have a sense of responsibility.

I have a report to submit at regular interviews, but I just wrote a few lines of my current job description. There are more margins.

But it changed when I met a boss.

The boss responded to my few lines of reports with a multiple of that amount, summing up my feelings about my work.

And for all of his subordinates.

I was really surprised then. The boss, who is still busy, did all that for his subordinates, even though he didn’t get anything.

Moreover, the content was accurate, and I wrote down personally how I could grow.

In addition, the interview was about 20 minutes long, covering not only work but also my family and health.

It makes me happy when he heard me, and I remember telling a lot of things.

Since then, I have been writing a lot of reports.

The summer vacation diary and business report are the same. It is better to write it carefully

For example, let’s say an elementary school student wrote a diary for one day during summer vacation. “I caught a cicada today”

It is a one-line diary. It feels like summer. It’s like my former business report.

But if you go a step further and write, “I caught a cicada with a net today, but it seemed so pitiful, I immediately let it go.”

Going further, “I finally caught the cicada that I was looking for throughout the summer at the shrine. I could not find it easily, so I changed the time and place to search and it was the 17th day. Because cicada can live on the ground for about 20 days, I shot it on my dad’s smartphone and let it escape into the sky.”

The teacher may think that this child think well, he devised it to take a cicada. He should give you a double circle.

The longer you write, the more detail you need to depict, and it will be easy for the other person to understand.

The report to my boss is exactly the same. Writing carefully and not in a few lines is an opportunity not only for your boss but for yourself to review your work.

The process of writing out on paper is important, not just in your head.

Also, if you fill in the purpose of the work and suggestions for improvement, it will be a better report, and by reviewing it many times, the work will not be staggered.

Before starting a new job, assume the image to finish and start

By the way, before you start a new job, are you thinking about how to get the job done?

“This work is prepared in this way, then goes through such a flow and finally ends up in this way.”

If you think up to that point in advance and make corrections as you go along, you will definitely reach the goal.

Before you do any work, let’s “assume” the results and write a report.

We calculate backwards from the final goal, and create a report going back to the present.

Conversely, if you can’t get a good report out of that shape, your job is likely to be unsuccessful.

It’s like working while groping in the fog.

I think you have an interview with your boss once a year. You use the interviews and reports as opportunities for growth and look back at your work.

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